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Mermaid Spa Party

Welcome Mermaids!

For Khloe's 9th birthday, she asked for a mermaid party. Because we discovered last year how hot North Carolina Septembers are, we knew we wanted to plan primarily indoor activities. A spa party fit perfectly into this plan!

All photos by Faith McLean.


I found this mermaid invitation template on Etsy, then used our colored printer to print on card stock.


I was pleased to get Christopher to join us in dressing with the theme! Khloe's outfit is from The Children's Place. They have super cute clothes, awesome prices, and free shipping. The bow is Jojo Siwa, of course.


I found some awesome ideas on Pinterest for themed foods. The wraps are from Harris Teeter.

Spa Experience

I moved our dining table and turned our kitchen into a spa! Our spa featured foot soak, manicure, and facial stations. I was very careful with the selection of the products below to avoid any skin reactions.

Dress: Blue robes (from Ebay) (order well in advance and pre-wash) and mermaid headbands (from Ebay) got the girls ready to relax.

Foot Soak: Khloe and I had fun making little bottles (Hobby Lobby) of mermaid bath salts (Epson salt, foot coloring, essential oil) before the party. These combined with white rose petals and an all-natural lotion worked perfectly for the foot soak.

Manicure: The manicure station featured ColorStreet nails (super easy, no dry time). They have mermaid scale print!

Facial: The facial station featured hot towels (Crockpot), hydrating face mask (avocado, yogurt, and honey), green tea toner, cucumbers, and rose facial mist.


Of course, the cake was by Cakes by Elizabeth (Denton, NC) and was beautiful and well-priced. Check out Cakes by Elizabeth on Facebook.


These bags are from Ebay. Everyone was able to take home a bottle of mermaid bath salts as well. The girls also put their headbands and robes into the bags as well when we moved on to other activities.


Other Activities

While snacking,he girls watched episodes of H2O, a mermaid series on Netflix. We used beach towel to cover the rug and couch. Also, I purchased clear beach balls (from to look like bubbles. The girls had fun playing with these outside after they ate.

We will treasure these Mermaid Memories forever!

<3 J