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The Plan

Wedding planning with my mother by my side was a beautiful journey that I will always cherish.


Before we started, Christopher and I agreed we wanted a very small and intimate wedding. Also, I had always dreamed of being married outside, just like my parent were.

Soon, I had secured the venue and picked the dress (see my previous post, "The Dress"). Then we dug into the details...My plan was to gather tiny bits at a time. Here are reflections of my journey and things I learned along the way.

After building exploding wedding Pinterest boards, I had to step back and really think about what was important enough to me to incorporate in the wedding. I made lists the top five items and Bible verses that I wanted in the wedding.

Start accumulating wedding items early to avoid stress in the end. Also, in the beginning, pick ivory or white and stick with it. You would be surprised how quickly ivory and white blur after looking at aisle runners, napkins, plates, dresses, seat covers, etc.


My Mama and I collected our favors, vintage handkerchiefs, over a series of shopping sprees in Cameron, NC. I loved that I was able to share something with my guests that I made lovely memories acquiring.

Antiquing in Cameron, NC. (See my previous post, "A Day in Cameron").

Who can go to Cameron without visiting the Dewberry Deli? Food keeps away Bridezilla!

No shame in second-hand items. We also scoured local garage sales for goods. Above, we found this lovely sign that matched our wedding theme (and an awesome cat pillow for the couch).

I really liked the look and idea of lanterns as centerpieces. I ordered these from Hobby Lobby while they were fifty percent off. They were still a bit expensive, but I reused some of them for our home and gave some as gifts after the wedding. Books are my passion, and I think old books are beautiful. These worked well to add height to my centerpieces.

Mama and I also collected unique gold frames for the tables.

Because we moved our wedding to August, I tried to do everything possible to cool down our guests...

...and make sure they had everything they needed.

Shopping is hard work!


I love mail with my name on it, and during our wedding planning expedition, we receive packages each week!

Koozies from All She Wrote Notes (see more about this company under MAKE section below).

Khloe's rehearsal dinner tutu. So cute!

Etsy is a beautiful place to find personalized wedding party gifts!

Keychain Bottle Opener.

Mother-in-law Bracelet.

Khloe's gift was a precious set of earrings that came in this sweet personalized box.

I also ordered Khloe's flower girl dress from Etsy.

We ordered the bridesmaid dresses from an online dress company to save money. We ordered with plenty of time to spare in case the items did not fit.

Navy blue wedding flats, flowers, and invitations. Because of florist pricing, I chose a different approach and ordered flowers online. I also found a snazzy pair of navy flats on Amazon. I saved money on invitations by purchasing a print-your-own package from Michael's.


Mama also helped me register...

Registering takes a long time! Go with a list of things you know you need and plan to take a lunch break in the middle.


I also handmade quite a few things along the way...

Mama and I crafted program fans for the ceremony...They came in very handy (so punny)!

Making our own programs saved us a lot of money and allowed me to format them just how I wanted!

My gift to my bridesmaids was a handmade orange soy candle.

Handcrafting our boutonnieres allowed Christopher's interests shine!

Mama and I even went to a class to perfect our handwriting for wedding crafts. All She Wrote Notes is amazing! We took a "hand lettering" course which is where you learn to write larger letters with a Sharpie. I am also hoping to go to one of her calligraphy classes soon! I would highly recommend attending a hand writing class to help with wedding items!

Handwritten French Macaron Signs. Macarons are my favorite sweet, and I was so excited to be able to serve Buggy Town Coffee's (Carthage, NC - local small business) macarons at my wedding.

"Where you go, I will go. Where you stay, I will stay" - Ruth 1:16-17. Handwritten aisle signs.

M for Marley.

Hand lettering on invitations.

I could not have been more blessed to have my best friend and Mama by my side through this experience.

I love and miss you beyond words.

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