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Pretty in Pink

One of my recent excitements, alongside wedding planning, has been decorating a room for a beautiful little girl! Khloe would agree that we cannot wait to get her room finished. This past week we had one small triumph: I finished and hung her curtains!

Beginning this room-decorating adventure, I wanted to make sure we created a space that would grow with her. With that thought in mind, we chose a beautiful light blue for the walls (not as teal as I wanted, but Christopher and I compromised). Staying true to Khloe’s current character, our main accompanying color will be hot pink with small accents of a sunshine yellow.

Speaking of Khloe’s pom poms. I originally saw pink pom pom curtains online for around $20-$30 a panel. They were adorable, but $60 a window was not doable. Also, we wanted a curtain that would be thick enough to not allow people to see in. Although, this idea would also be super cute for a thin, flowing curtain, as well.

These curtains where around $6 per panel. I used one roll of trim (around $4) for each panel. So, in total, these cost around $10 a panel.

I loved that this super easy and quick sewing adventure allowed me to add a girly personal touch to a stock piece!

...and we (Cecilia and I) had fun making them, as well! More blogs to come on Khloe's room!

<3 J