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My Girls

Wedding planning is one of the most exciting adventures I have embarked upon. Every week new shipments of sparkly fun pieces arrive. Yesterday, I received Khloe's princess flower girl dress and my sleek (blue) wedding shoes in the same day...Eeekkk! I couldn't be more excited to go through this process with the support-filled nods of Christopher Marley, my mother, and, of course, my girls. Every time I open a newly-delivered box of wedding goods they receive an over-excited SnapChat (that may sometimes include squealing)...Of course, I wanted their boxes to be just as exciting.

Before beginning this journey, I searched through Pinterest to find bridesmaids' proposal boxes to present to my girls, but never could find the "perfect" one. Because of this, I wanted to share the boxes I created to pure my heart out to my girls on a #teacherbudget.

I was inspired by the "Sunshine Boxes" to keep a common color scheme. (Type "Sunshine Box" into Pinterest and you will see what I mean.) Naturally, my boxes were pink and gold and featured champagne. Another main focus was for my girls to be able to have a mini-spa day at home.


The card. After trying to order cards on Etsy, I decided to print and create my own. The gold heart on the front of the card is a scratch-off (see how to create below). Underneath, it pops the question: "Will you be my bridesmaid?" When proposing, I wanted to present them with all the information I had about the wedding thus far, so I included that on the back.

To create card: I simply printed off the typed portions on thicker white paper after adding some fun clip art. I bought the pink and gold sparkly paper at Hobby Lobby by the sheet (I do love having access to a big paper cutter at school #teacherperks).

To make scratch off:

1. Cover selected text with packing tape. I cut my tape as close to the text as possible. The tape is to prevent scratching through the paper.

2. Mix equal parts paint and dish soap. The gold paint was very thin after doing this, so I ended up adding more paint.

3. Paint on heavily. Be sure text is completely covered.

4. Dry. I let mine sit for a good day to be sure it was dry.

ProTips: Make sure you have something for them to scratch off with and make sure the card will fit in the boxes. I did neither.

The box. I have found the best dressy boxes on a budget at TJ Maxx, Ross, and, surprisingly, Dollar General. I loved these boxes with the phrase- "Always be You"!

A pack of pink paper filler from Hobby Lobby and ribbon helped to protect the items inside.

Mini Champagne + gold paper straw. These adorable minis are usually sold in pack of four, which was perfect!

Mini Spa Items - Formula 10.0.06 Pores Be Pure Skin-Clarifying Mud Mask and Tony Moly Panda's Dream Eye Patch. Basically, I went into Ulta looking for small spa items packaged in pink.

Can we just take a second and talk about Formula 10.0.06? I love this company. Their masks are wonderful, pore strips work great, and I wear their Picture Perfect Day Moisturizer every day. Their items are reasonably priced and work! The mud mask I included in the boxes smells like a strawberry. Yum.

Chocolate, of course. I liked that these helped me add a bit of gold into the mix.

Candle = ultimate relaxation. Awesome places for candles additions: Ross, TJ MAXX, and once again, surprisingly, Dollar General.

Photo = Perfection. All the best boxes on Pinterest included a photo and I really wanted to use that piece of personalization. By the way, Walgreen's photo app is the best thing ever.

I can't wait for my girls to be by my side on the day.

<3 Johnna

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