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Bubbles, Creams, and Scrubs

Recently, I have become more and more conscious of the harmful and unknown ingredients in many products that I breath in and put on my skin.

Because of this and my recent obsession with lavender essential oil, I have ventured into the field of homemade cosmetics.

I have recently made a small batch of products to sell, so I wanted to do a short blog post to highlight a few of the products I have created:

My first produce was a lavender vanilla salt scrub made with coconut oil, a great exfoliating product. I am also looking at endeavoring into sugar scrubs. Salt scrubs leave my skin feeling amazing, but cannot be used on broken or irritated skin...much like salt in a wound...These are super easy to make and there is absolutely no reason to be buying scrub at Walmart (Dear Lord, please let Southern Pines get a Target)!

This Peppermint Shower Gel is one of my favorite products. Made with aloe and coconut oil, it makes for a great shave and no need for lotion afterward! Ignore the coloring, I was just trying to make a cool ombre.

Peppermint is also a new obsession of mine. Peppermint feels amazing on the skin and has soothing benefits. A jar of this peppermint foot cream will last you years and will leave you with soft, well-hydrated feet. Don't forget to slip on cozy socks or slippers after applying.

Jasmine Sugar Scrub Bars. Smells amazing. Wonderful for exfoliating.

I have had a long-term love affair with handcrafted soap, but had never made my own before this. Lavender goats milk soap. This is a two-toned, scented soap topped with dried lavender. Tulle packaging. Love, love, love.

I decided that there is no better name to put on my packaging than Sticks and Feathers <3 (see my Relaunch blog post).

I am in love with the process of making these products and feel so blessed to be able to make them for special people in my life <3. (I cannot wait until Christmas!).

If you have any questions about these products, would like to make a special request, or purchase a product listed above, please "contact" me for more information.

<3 J

Why Lavender?

Why Peppermint?

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