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New Nest

Some of you may know that I recently made the move home to live with my mom. This gave me the opportunity to spend more time with her and keep her company since my dad passed. Also with her progressing cancer, I wanted to help her take care of things around the house (which is another monster in itself - how my daddy got the grass to look like carpet we will never know!)

I know this is childish, but I found it difficult to make myself comfortable at home after seven years...and very difficult to fit my apartment's worth of items back into my childhood bedroom. So, with mama’s permission I undertook a mission to turn our old dining room into my personal space.

The “dining room” was never actually used as a dining room. The room was originally my “play room” then later as mama’s “plant room” (aka The Jungle) to home her plants during the winter months. A separate porch and foyer (that are rarely used as well) led to this room (which worked great for my space). Attached to the other end of the room is a laundry area that was no longer in use as well. After purchasing a large industrial clothing rack, this area converted nicely into a closet and storage space.

If you know me, you know decoration is my niche. I wanted to share how I have made this space mine:

Painting this dresser gold was a great decision! I have fallen in love with gold spray paint! The best kind of gold spray paint? Rustoleum Metallic Finish. I spent hours reading blogs on Pinterest to figure this out.

As far as paint, mama and I chose a beautiful, airy blue. I love the original wood work in the room, so it just got a little polish - The chair rails are beautiful!

This cloth shower curtain from Target is amazing. Works great as a divider between my room and storage space and I love the gold and cream design.

And yes, I definitely girled-out the dresser... feather boa and the whole nine. I really liked the use this cake stand to store my perfumes.

Daddy bought this poster for mama and she had it framed. It had been sitting behind a bookshelf for about ten years before I found it!

Yes, this is a late post and I have taken down my Christmas decor, but these trees are my favorite. Every girl needs a full length mirror...and twinkle lights :).

This futon from my old apartment got a coat of gold spray paint. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome! Also, love this pillow - "Do what you love. Love what you do" <3

I really wanted a new and shiny gold and glass end table, but ran out of $$. My old one will suffice for now. Do love the gold frame...and my farmer boy.

Natural memento storage.

B for Blake and potted succulents.

Gold Santa (Daddy's favorite) had a perfect home in my room this Christmas.

Gift from my long-time friend, Morgan.

Sign mama gave me when I was in my first apartment <3.

Sheer and twinkle.

Saw this in Hobby Lobby and cried. This was Daddy's song.

This metal piece is from the railroad tracks and makes a perfect rustic monogram. Love this Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp.

This handmade rustic table was in my parents' basement when they moved into our house 25 years ago. I fell in love with it and it has been my vanity for the past four years. Daddy could not understand why I liked that "piece of junk".


This sign was a present from mama this past Christmas. It speak volumes. Book from Christopher <3.

Bowtye loves my fluffy rug.

In memory of daddy <3.

See my Instagram for a glance of what I did with out foyer.

Your room is your haven. It is where you go to refuel for the next day. <3

Thank you for reading!

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