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Spa and Honor

During the month of October, Karma Spa, Lounge, and Beauty Bar announced they would like to honor someone with cancer. To nominate a person, they asked that you to tell his or her journey.

Below is Mama’s Story that I wrote to nominate her:

My mom, Nancy Nall was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 39 (I was four). She went through grueling chemotherapy treatments and surgery.

Thirteen years later (my senior year of high school) we found out that the breast cancer had returned in her hip as bone cancer. This bone cancer is treatable, but not curable.

A year later (my first year of college) she was diagnosed with spots melanoma on her lungs (she has never smoked a cigarette). She successfully had a lobe of her lung removed and was cleared of the melanoma.

Going back to the bone cancer: she is still dealing with this now, like I said, treatable not curable. We have been told that typically patients that have breast cancer that returns as bone cancer do not live more than five years. My mom is at seven and counting. She is the picture of strong. The bone cancer in her hip has since spread to her spine, liver, and thighs. She is consistently on different types chemotherapy and radiation to slow down the spreading of the cancer, but has been taking these treatments so long her body is becoming immune and we are finding less and less options that have any effect on the cancer.

Enough about the cancer; let me tell you about my mom. My mom has been a dedicated Sunday school teacher (to this day) since I was born (25 years). She worked full time (40 hour weeks) all of her teenage and adult life until this summer when her doctor forcefully suggested she slow down to extend her life. Growing up, my father was disabled and my mom took over the responsibility of providing for our family. My mom never does for herself. Her heart is in doing for others.

In February of this year, our little family of three (my mom, dad, and I) was shaken when my dad unexpectedly passed away. My mom lost the love of life and her husband of 35 years. Since then, my mom has found out very devastating news of about her health. We were told that her chemo options were even more limited than we thought, that she was expected to live less than five more years, and that she needed to slow down or stop working (which she was very upset about). To her, working is something she enjoys and makes her feel like she has a purpose. She also lost her hair for the third time.

My mother does not complain, even though I know she is in pain. She is the strongest human-being I know. She is taken all of her hardships in stride and never asks, "Why me?" Everything she does she does for others and she does with her full self. She compassionately listens to others complain about their illnesses or life issues without mentioning her own. She is the picture of who I strive to be. I think a spa day would be a great way to recognize her battle and her person.

She had her spa day this past Wednesday and it was amazing! It was great to see her get to relax and have a day all about her. Nothing was/is more deserved.

Thank you Karma!

<3 J

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