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Sticks and Feathers - The Relaunch and Reflection

After seven months I have logged back into this unfinished, unpublished, blog. I now realize that the self-absorbed child that unknowing created this blog would lose her father ten days later. Many things in my then closed-minded life have been flipped upside down. I have been through things I would have never been able to imagine when I created this blog. If I remember correctly, I created this blog on a snow day, February 17th, 2015. I deemed it “Channeling Peace” after a fight with my boyfriend. Now picking up the pieces of my dismantled life, I have changed the name to “Sticks and Feathers.” My dad had an incomprehensible ability (that came as a habit for him) to see worth in everything and everyone. He could take an old piece of junk and make it into something useful. He could find good in anyone and befriend them for that bit of good. He was always finding pens and pencils in parking lots and saving them for me to use in school or then in my classroom. He always picked up feathers too: turkey feathers, hawk feathers, crow feathers.

After he died, my aunt called us to say she had dreamed she was with him in a field in Putnam, NC. In her dream, he was wearing shorts and workboots (typical daddy). He bent down and picked up a feather and showed it to her saying, “Look, isn’t that pretty.” This image gave her peace with his death. It highlights his best qualities in so many ways.

He loved to whittle as well. He was always leaving little whittled sticks everywhere. Sticks and Feathers were his best decor accessories.

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